• Common sense solutions for routine airframe maintenance problems

  • Revolutionary, practical, and effective

What we do...

Effective corrosion prevention and control program (CPCP) designed to protect the airframe from corrosion integrating new and revolutionary products beyond the traditional realm including:

◦ Nanotechnology protective coatings

◦ Non-metallic hardware

◦ Non-damaging sealing and protective products

All inclusive signature "bathtub" protection for corrosion prevention of main and cargo floor support structures

What we offer...

There is a new and better way to remove sealant from the airframe.  Structural sealant is not easily removed with non-metallic hand scraping tools in large quantity.  How about a composite sealant remover (CSR) that is more durable than the typical plastic scrapers for about the same price?  Two forms of CSRs are currently available as can be viewed in the videos below:

◦ For general purpose sealant removal



◦ For cap sealed fastener



For more details and information, please feel free to contact us:  ESS@tlcaviation.net